The Art of [HER]

by Jessica Korff

Strength. Beauty. Determination.

Here. We believe every woman is beautiful, without exception.

Her struggles to overcome make her stronger and powerful.

Her love and passion makes her unmistakably irresistible.

Her determination makes her unstoppable.

We photograph real women, with real stories, and real beauty.

And we showcase her as the true piece of art she is.

Join us to celebrate The Art of [HER].

March 26th 2022 at 6pm

6095 E Grant Rd.

Thank you to Cindy Beving and Suites Success for offering to host our event!

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The Fire, The Strength & The Art

of Women Rising.

Too many stories go untold.

Too many women go unvalidated.

Too many go uncelebrated.

Too many do not see their own beauty & power.

& too many women go their whole lives without being truly witnessed and seen.

I want to change that.

Join me to create an Artist's Visual Representation of

your strength, your beauty and your story.

I have photographed and told the stories of over 20 Women in 2021

and I would love for you join us in celebrating them.

Join us March 26th at 6pm for this black tie event.